How to Relieve Heel Pain at Work

Heel pain is a frequent, and frustrating, companion to those who work on their feet. Whether you work in energy, R&D, healthcare, education, retail, the service sector, or any other active role, the daily grind can leave your heels aching and your entire body warn out by the time you punch out.

Well, we have news for you. While it’s true that working on your feet can do a number on your heels, you shouldn’t have to suffer just because your job is an active one. Our bodies were designed for standing and walking. Typically, making some adjustments to your routine (along with professional treatment, if necessary) can help you get through your day with less pain and more energy to do the things you really love after you get home!

  • Are your shoes to blame? Not all shoes are really meant for prolonged standing, and even those that are might not be the right fit for you. Make sure your shoes offer plenty of cushioning, proper arch support, have a slightly elevated heel, and don’t pinch your toes.
  • Do you need orthotic support? Sometimes, biomechanical inefficiencies in the way you stand or walk can cause heels to wear down faster, even if you’re wearing the “right” shoes. Special inserts, including those custom made by our team, can help bridge the gap.
  • Take regular breaks. If you stand for most of the day, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to sit during your break time. The more you can alternate sitting and standing, the happier your heels will be.
  • Keep the blood flowing. Take time to stretch your calves, roll your ankles, wiggle your toes, and keep those leg and foot muscles as relaxed as possible. A few minutes of stretching every hour or so can make a big difference.
  • Modify your workstation, if possible. If you spend most of your day on a line or in front of a classroom, a squishy rubber mat placed where you stand can provide a significant improvement over hard tile or concrete.

These precautionary measures and adjustments may not bring you the relief you need to get through the day and enjoy your time before, during, and after your work hours. Don’t hesitate – schedule an appointment with the heel pain experts at Foot & Ankle Clinic of the Virginias. You can reach any of our seven convenient options by calling (800) 456-8637.