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Diabetic Foot Care

Foot & Ankle Clinic of the Virginias

Do you suffer from numbness or pain in your feet or legs? Are your feet constantly itching? These are often signs of diabetic foot care that require medical attention. Thankfully you can count on the licensed podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Clinic of the Virginias to properly treat your symptoms.

Keep your diabetic foot care conditions under control
No matter what triggers your diabetic foot care issues to flare up, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you keep the symptoms under wraps with a variety of prevention techniques.

Don't hesitate to get immediate assistance
If you experience any injury to your foot, contact our office immediately - even a minor injury is an emergency for a patient with diabetes. Feel free to contact us right away if the circulation in your feet is impaired due to cold temperatures.

Follow these helpful tips and your feet will always be in great shape:

  • Do not file down, remove or shave calluses or corns yourself
  • Do not smoke - it decreases the blood supply to your feet
  • Do not trim your own toenails
  • Do not wear shoes for more than two hours at a time
  • Do not wear the same shoes every day - rotate your shoes
  • Do not use any chemicals or strong antiseptic solutions on your feet
  • Do not wear stockings or socks with tight elastic backs and do not use garters
  • Do not wear any socks with holes and always wear shoes with socks
  • Do not walk barefoot, neither indoors nor out
  • Do not wear sandals or thongs
  • Do not use any tape or sticky products such as corn plasters on your feet - they can rip your skin
  • Examine your feet daily for redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts and nail problems from shoes or other sources - be sure to look at the bottoms and between toes
  • Examine your shoes for foreign objects, protruding nails and rough spots inside before putting them on
  • Keep feet away from heat (heating pads, hot water pads, electric blankets, radiators, fireplaces) - you can burn your feet without knowing it
  • Lubricate your entire foot if your skin is dry, but avoid putting cream between toes
  • Buy shoes late in the day - and remember shoes should be comfortable right away and not require "breaking in"

Make sure your feet always look and feel great - call Foot & Ankle Clinic of the Virginias today at 800-456-8637 to schedule your appointment. Don't forget to ask about our Medicaid and insurance payment options!

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